Local SEO guide for Bangladesh


Local SEO guide for Bangladesh is for small businesses. Do you want to make your local business as lead generation machine? Yes, here is the complete information about the ranking, lead, and sale. By the following of this strategy, you can do it at your owner. I also tell you about some free tools but very effective for the local business website.

What is local SEO? Yes, optimizing your website or webpages to get organic traffic (free traffic) from local searches. According to ashrefs.com, more than 3.5 billion searches in Google every single day, and more than 90 percent of pages not getting organic traffic from Google. Only nine percent of pages are getting organic traffic, pass from Google.

As a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh I will show you how this nine percent of pages get this huge number of organic traffic from Google step by step;


Keywords research

On-page local SEO

Google my business listing

Local citation

Schema markup

Off-page SEO

Local pack (snack pack) ranking factor

Keywords research 

Keywords are a phrase of word or word people are searching for in search engines. Make it easy for searching to understand what your page is about. Matches are to be called search intent. Chose search intent keywords for your pages.

There are 12 solid ideas for keywords in Local SEO guide for Bangladesh;

  1. Google autocomplete
  2. YouTube autocomplete
  3. Amazon autocomplete
  4. Answer the public
  5. Wiki how
  6. Quara
  7. Keyword revealer
  8. Uber suggest
  9. Ahrefs
  10. Keyword finder
  11. Semrush
  12. Google keyword planner

On-page local SEO

Now the time to optimize your keyword to the pages and this is called On-page SEO. It is mean your website or webpages telling and sending a signal to Google that what about your pages. The best practice of traditional on-page is the same as in on-page local SEO.

Important 11 tips for on-page local SEO in Local SEO guide for Bangladesh;

  1. Logo optimization.
  2. Includes primary keywords into the URL, Title, and Meta Description.
  3. Use business Name, Address, and Phone Number on the home page.
  4. Use Google Maps.
  5. Make your site mobile friendly.
  6. Clickable Mobile Number.
  7. Mention business hours.
  8. Use customer testimonial.
  9. Use video and image.
  10. Schema markup
  11. Site speed

Important 3 mistake for On-page local SEO

  1. Keyword stuffing in your meta description
  2. Keyword stuffing in your content
  3. Clickbait title

Google My Business in Local SEO guide for Bangladesh

Best local SEO guide for small business in Bangladesh

Google Listing creates for your business. Put your correct Business Name and correct address. Select your business in the primary category where represent your business activity. Add your business Hours. Your profile is linking to your website. You may add recent photos. You can Use Google posts and add a description to your listing.

11 Advantages of Google my business  

  1. GMB is a powerful free tool.
  2. GMB help local business to grow up and improve.
  3. BMB is a process of listing small business to Google.
  4. Appear your business information to searchers with maps.
  5. GMB increase new customer.
  6. Business owners can provide information by GMB.
  7. Business owner can offer their special site to the customer.
  8. GMB promotes local business.
  9. Establish and improve the brand.
  10. GMB increases the trust and satisfaction of the customer.
  11. GMB makes it easier to found a business location. 

Local citation in Local SEO guide for Bangladesh

Best local seo guid for small business in BD

Local citation is very important for local business. Now the question is what is the citation? It is very easy that you and your business mention the web with a link or without a link. The common form of citation is NAP.

8 forms of citation which are given below;

  1. Business or Company Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).
  2. Business Name.
  3. Business Name and Address.
  4. Business Name and Phone Number.
  5. Business Name and website.
  6. Business Phone Number.
  7. Business Name, Address, Phone, and website (NAPW).
  8. URL, Business Name, Address, and Phone Number (UNAP).

The common and complete citation is NAP which is used most of the business owner.

Why is citation important for local business?

Because most of people before getting service or porches products they simply search on Google and normally visited the first three to five websites. Now come to the point citation means you are mentioning your business to out of the web. Google identifies your business Name, Address, and Phone number over the web, and by this information a local business getting help to rank on Google. Citation building is an important step in Local SEO guide for Bangladesh. 

I think there are two types of citations. One is structured and another is unstructured. Structured citation means listing your NAP to the listing directory. Unstructured citation means listing business directory for example Blog, Newspapers, Magazines, Quora and Wikis, etc.

Schema markup

Code that you add to your website or webpages to improve the way search engines read and represents your page into search results.


  1. Google structure data markup helper
  2. RDFA
  3. Microdata
  4. JSON LD

Off-page SEO

Link Building: The process of getting other websites to link to your webpages.

Quality backlinks: Why I called quality because all backlink not carry equal value.  

  1. Link from Forums
  2. Link from Directories
  3. Link from Editorials Blogs

Gust post: Maintain a meaningful relationship by publishing articles to other websites.

Local pack (snack pack) ranking factor.

  • Social signals.
  • Personalization.
  • Behavioral signals.
  • Citation Signals.
  • On-page signals.
  • Review signals.
  • Link signals.
  • Google my business signals.

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