Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Hi, there my name is MD Kamruzzaman. I am a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh as per Google with five years of experience in the SEO service industry. I have completed 100+ small and big SEO projects at various market places like Up work, Freelance, and Fiver (local market also included). Local SEO is my favorites department. I love SEO challenges. Still, I am a learner and learning every day every moment. This learning intends to take my knowledge to the next level. I am always up-to-date with the Google algorithm. I feel blessed to solve SEO problems. I am very much passionate about local SEO. This passion makes me confident as a Local SEO expert Bangladesh.

Online journey of MD Kamruzzaman (local SEO expert in Bangladesh)

To be honest, I am not an IT background personnel. At the very beginning, I listen about freelancing, outsourcing tram from Md Hasanul Islam CEO Bindu IT. He teaches me SEO, and I worked with him. I am thankful to him, and it is my first journey. I started walking on this SEO industry. I am also grateful to clients because they encourage me to become a local SEO expert in BD. 

Why local SEO consultancy is my passion and profession?

When I started the online journey, I know about Google. Google make me surprised. You can’t imagine how much impressed me! By the Google, I can learn, teach, business, sale, share information. I can do anything and everything online. Try to find how Google works? I found SEO is the fundamental. After that, I decided to take this local SEO consultancy as a profession. This profession gives me economic freedom. You listen to happy that according to ahrefs.com local SEO expert earn $75 to $100 per hour. When I started this profession at that time, there were a good number of local SEO experts available. Therefore I start because there are various types of jobs in this SEO industry and a lot of work available.

What skills need to check before hiring a local SEO expert?

Before hiring a local SEO expert in Bangladesh, you will check his or her experience, portfolio site, and its position on SERP, mob friendly, snack pack result, site speed, reviews and social profile. Make sure about his transparency, professionalism, and dedication. How knowledgeable is he? Does he know about the local ranking factor? Does he commit to ROI? How much up-to-date he is? Does he commit to increase online presence in your local area? 

Why hire a local SEO expert in Bangladesh?

If you have local businesses like heating, air conditioning, electrician, home cleaners, landscapers, locksmiths, movers, painters, plumbers than the need to hire a local SEO expert in Bangladesh is important. In this SEO industry, organic and white hat SEO is very important. More than 80% of the consumer or audience comes from the search engine. Visitor doesn’t scroll down on search engine result page. Usually, visitors visit the top three to five web site on SERP. It means that the toper site gets the most traffic.

More than 50 percent audience is searching locally from their phone and visits the store physically within one day. Approximately 34 percent of people are doing their search on a pc or tablet did the same. Near about 20 percent lead or sell generated within one day from mobile search. More than 60 percent of people are searching for local services or product information or local business address from tablets and smartphones. 

For proper Local keyword research, Local on-page SEO, Google my business (GMB), other social media optimization, and Citation may hire a local SEO expert or learn from our local SEO guide. 

Why hire me (Local SEO expert in Bangladesh).

World No-1 search engine Google up-to-date its search algorithm frequently even every day every week. As a local SEO specialist, I keep up-to-date myself with the search engine algorithm. Still, I am learning. I read out SEO Journal Blog Forums and contact with various communities to gather local SEO knowledge. As a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh I know how the search engine works and its hidden secret. I will rank your website on the first page. I will make sure your online presence. We are caring about your return on investment. Finally, I will maintain a good relationship with you like a family.

More than 55 present of searches have specific locations. Near about 85 to 90 percent of audiences visited the website through Google maps and the organic results of Google’s first page.  If your webpages in the map pack and1st page of organic SERP of Google that’s mean you are dominating the Google free traffic. If you are not in the map pack and first page, start working on your own or hire a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh for optimization of your webpages according to Google algorithm.

SEO Package Price in Bangladesh.

SEO package price in Bangladesh is started from $200 (approximately). Price is depending on pages and keywords. In this digital world, business is going to move to online. There is very important to meet the intent of searcher and website owner. Sometimes it’s missing as a result website can’t achieve the target or goal.

Concerning your problem, issues, error Md Kamruzzaman (Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh) offers the best and very lowest SEO package price in Bangladesh for all kinds of business. DISCUSS HERE

Local SEO Audit or Checklist.

For lead generation and increase sale website audit is needed. SEO audit is the assessment of a web site that how and where takes the position in the search engine result page. This is step by step checking process and fined the list of issues. Which needs to repaired and improved?

Create Google Listing for your business. 
Correct Business Name.
Correct address. 
Make sure the business primary category represent in business activity.
Add business hours.
Linked profile in the website.
Use Google posts.
Add a description to listing.
The website displayed properly on desktop, mobiles, and tablets.
Check citations error.
Optimize title tag and keywords. 
Visible phone number.
Enough content on the page.
Images got an alt tag.
Embed Google map. 

All the process you can do at your own or hire a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh for your web-pages.