2021 Autumn at South Korea.

Ohhhh, autumn in Korea. Hands down, when people ask me what the best time visit this country is, I tell them, without hesitation, to come between late September and mid-November. Here’s my guide to this magical season — what to do, where to go, and what to expect!

I grew up in the Philly suburbs, so I’m not unaccustomed to short but brilliant autumns. The leaves crunched under my shoes when I’d walk home from the bus stop, and I distinctly remember the most stunningly golden tree in a neighbor’s yard.

However, there’s just something about autumn in Korea that’s so different, it’s hard to explain. I remember being blown away by how beautiful Namwon was in October, and I found myself taking a long way home just to enjoy the colors more. Seriously, here’s one of the first photos I took:

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